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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bountiful Eternity

We do it for better but it gets worse Like were living in a hearse And the smell of death is sensed Sharks and slave ships I can't explain it This feeling I get Makes me wanna quit Potential waisted On waiting For possibility To arise And this life Aint all that it seems Cause it seems That we Enjoy Misery Truth is We try to escape Trying not to break These chains And boundaries Cause we say we'll let go and let God Do what he does We don't recognize He is God.. He's already done Whatever you wanted I make tertiary decisions Based on binary compositions And I trust my intuition to confirm all my ambitions And dreams and wishes Come as a cool breeze And in the sun I frolic Because I am free From all boundaries Set on the person who came before me You see my ancestors past May have shaped my future But things that did not last Shall not propose threats like suichors And all that did not suit her May very well suit me Because one man's trashy past May be another's bountiful eternity

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