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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tattered Walls

It's like I've climbed a mountain and there's no peak Like the world's most beautiful bird with no beak A vocalist who can't sing An author who can't write. A cat that can't scratch Or a dog who mustn't bite A black woman with no fight Left in her because despite what you've heard You still don't listen You have the mitt But it's something you keep missing Something youre not catching Like a bitch who's not fetching. Or a couple gay men in a sauna Who aren't errecting And keep rejecting the possibility that maybe the rainbow won't come out after this storm we're having. And maybe we'll catch a glimpse of what earth would be like if the negros on the plantations Traded places with the whites. Or the narcissistic cheerleaders of the typical high school life With their pretty pink laced thongs Got trash talked, bashed and walked on By the poor ugly helpless geek with the band uniform. And maybe if she hadn't of broke your heart and paved the way for others to have to pay for the damage that she had done... Awards for best lying cheating hoe that she had won Then maybe you'd find room in your imbibing punctured soul To grow up & simply let go of these tattered walls. But they don't know These old boats don't float Like it's not cool to be a hoe I mean, iust because niggas are okay with something don't mean nothing Like What good is it to be accepted When you're no longer respected The individual unalienable right Is not even yours anymore You wake up in the morning But your whole life is a snore Nothing is unforgettable Because now you're in a box Things that used to go together &work Stopped Like shoes and socks An odd paradox To a life that seems limited By the standards society sets Reality no longer exists Because the government just won't admit Were all screwed No matter which senate should rule America was built for freedom But was built in captivity We give lives... By killing? Like because we wake up in the morning And say the pledge That makes us a little better? No that's inhumane A bit insane dont you think? The deficit for sin grows everyday And there's no end anyway, Because were too weak and frail To let go of these tattered walls.

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